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Would I be generous if I don’t know you ?

Reading Seth’s blog is a morning sunshine ! And learning more about how we should understand generosity as the only way to build a better future for brands but also for us, is refreshing. So here is what I learned this morning. I hope you’ll be inspired by this and help us share more, even with people we don’t know yet. Seth Godin : ‘That’s one reason why it seems so difficult to give ideas away online. We don’t know you, so we don’t trust you, perhaps not even enough to invest the time to find out what it is you’re trying to give us or how you’re working to help us. Earning this trust, in an effort to be generous, is time consuming and dissuades some from going down this path. Sometimes this effort leads marketers to spam, to take shortcuts, to lie, all in a self-justified but ultimately doomed and deluded effort to be generous.’ Be generous and care for others ! read more on Seth’s blog here.