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Beyonce : music is visual !

Big surprise ! No advertising campaign ! No launching of a single ! No press release ! Just showed up on Itunes ! And that how it goes ! A new album from the worldwide star Beyonce is now avaliable on Apple music store (since friday). But the surprise is also just a fantastic Christmas present for all her fans around the world ! And internet went mad about it !… Buzz did you say ?…

A brilliant case study for young marketers : no need for advertising to be seen and to create more fun than expected for your customers… In the following video, you will understand why Beyonce did it this way. She explains what she wants, and how she imagines the music inside her head. She wants to share that with her fans. Simply sharing it. With nothing to interfer with their first experience while listening or viewing the album. No expert advice of any kind, no promotion, no nothing… A pure moment of music !

Are you ready  for a new marketing ? No doubt she is !

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