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You find this menacing ? I find it romantic !… Is there Magic in the moonlight ?

Long time ago, while I was supposed to spend my days learning maths on a bench of a french university, I’d rather study Manhattan’s dialogues. How could you possibly watch this movie and not fall in love with Mariel Hemingway ? Yes Woody was far too old for her or is it she was too young for him ? But the question I asked myself (at that time) was how could she really love that guy ? Of course Woody’s story was more about Diane Keaton (at that time) and maybe you rememnber that Woody’s ex was the stunning Meryl Streep (that left him for another woman)…

woody and mariel

So after he had tried to send Tracy (Mariel) away for the best, he is facing the unespected reality :

Tracy: I’ve got to make a plane.

Isaac Davis: C’mon, you don’t – c’mon. You don’t, you don’t have to – go.

Tracy: Why couldn’t you have brought this up last week? Six months isn’t so long. Not everybody gets corrupted. You have to have a little faith in people.

And cut ! (actually these are the last words of the film – sorry for that !).

35 years later, and even more films in between, Woody is always looking for the magic of life and his passion is about sharing it with us ! In Magic in the moonlight, Emma Stone is his new Eve ! But this time, it won’t be that easy. To start with, Colin Firth, is the most rational guy in the world, the one that do not believe in mystery, in magic as he is himself a world famous magician ! So he meets her in south of France, as his very best friend (and only one) calls him for help ! She is claming to be a medium and to be connected with the occult world and he must come to unmask her… Would that happen ?…

Emma stone

In this last film, Woody is showing us how foolish and miserable is a strictly rational view upon life and how magic can a smile be. As it happens, if you look up above your small life to embrace the universe (from an observatory), you can as well find it menacing or romantic. Make your call !…

Gues what, I find it romantic ! 😉

Enjoy !

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