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Air France is in the air ! Is France a romantic value for brands ?

When I try to explain what emotional marketing means for me, and how a new point fo vue on marketing can change the relationship between your customers and your brand, I often refers to Air France’s add « L’envol »… But now that « France is in the air » is the new film, the french airline company wants to share with us, one could ask me (again) : why would you choose to be romantic in marketing when everyone is only talking about data mining and analysis ?…

france is in the air

Well the answer is blowing in the air my friend ! Yes brands deeply need to be romantic. Not only because they are adressing women first (I let this cliché to those who will discuss about the women day as something whe should be proud of), but simply because we are human ! We just need this feeling of being loved, even by brands ! There is no doubt in my mind, that I will allways choose a brand I love from any other challenger offering me a discount. Yes I know this will not be true for most of those who look for promotion everywhere. But the main difference is that I feel loved by brands I love, and they don’t. Happiness as a price (exactly as freedom) and a brand should be ready to ‘pay’ for offering more happiness to its customers (as they willing to pay more for a better experience). The cost here is probably accepting that not everyone will love your brand and pay the price, but the gain is those customers will love you more (partly feeling they are not like everyone else). If you think long term you know which path is leading to the nirvana…

So why would you love Air France ? Because next time you fly, you could proudly say I love my country, my culture, and my ariline company ! And saying so, you probably will feel better and have a much better experience…

Feeling loved is what we need most ! Love is in the air…

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