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How to make sense ?

Makesense is a collaborative plateform where you could help social entrepeneurs to enhance their project and find answers to their issues. Why would you do so ?

Why would you give your ideas to others ? Well, this is a revolution ! We usualy think that our ideas are valuable and that we could, even should, get some money out of it ! But what if economic rules had changed ? What if value was emerging from sharing ?

Could you agree that offering your idea to someone who needs it, is far more profitable than keeping it for yourself and not using it ? The power of sharing is challenging our mindset. Probably by changing our WHY, we could be more creative for the good of all. As soon as you start sharing, you feel better (a feeling coming from deep inside : what one calls your gut). This positive behaviour is what social and collaborative economy reveals : we need to share.

Creative thinking is a matter of passion and passion is certainly what will help you to express your ideas. Does it make sense ?…

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1 commentaire

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