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Is it what you think your product is that matters ?

Some consulting firms are changing the way business is done. ReD is one. Where does their aspirational thinking comes from ? Is reading philosophy a way to be inspired in your marketing ?

« At ReD, we put a deep inderstanding of real peoplebakc at the center of business decision-making. »

Here is a short story about « how it works » (sort of speak) ?

ReD also found that the final decision on a TV purchase was usually made by the woman of the house. “When women decide, they see it as furniture,” Madsbjerg says. “What’s important to them in the situation is that ‘it should fit into my home, and it should fit as much as my couch and my books and whatever I have in my home.’ ” This idea, that TVs are furniture, not electronics, proved a breakthrough, guiding a series of design decisions at Samsung—a move toward subtler lighting and more tactile finishes that would make televisions blend in rather than stick out. The company today enjoys a reputation for elegant design and is the world’s largest TV maker.

Samsung tv

WOW ! So now you understand quite clearly that your customer isn’t buying what you decided to sell, but what he really wants to get as an experience, something that will fit in his life !…

If you still doubt about this, no question, you don’t know who your customer is !

Read more about ReD here

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