Intuitions, l'humain dans le marketing
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Why WHY makes all the difference ?

In Start with WHY, Simon Sinek is teaching us the golden circle of why, how and what. To start with why is not only what any human been does when he meets someone or even when he buys a product, it’s the only way to active our brain properly and to let our limbic brain reveal our feelings.

However when it comes to choose between two offers, when we need to take a decision, we always feel what is right or wrong for us. More then we really think it’s right ; just only because to think rationaly about the reasons that led us to choose is not that simple but as well because the WHAT we chose is not obviously different. And this is a real issue for many markets if not all. Products and services avaliable on the market are no longer technically different. This explains that WHAT we buy does not really matter unless we need to explain our choice. We buy emotions more than products.

Here is an abstract of Simon’s book (talking about Southwest Airlines)

« What they do is not always significantly better. But why they do it is crystal clear and everything they do proves it. There are many ways to motivate people to do things, but loyalty comes from the ability to inspire people. Only when the WHY is clear and when people believe what you believe can a true loyal relationship develop. »

So whenever you meet a customer, or a future one, you must start with WHY. And if he believes what you believe, he will understand your WHY and share it. Though any time he thinks about buying a product or a service that you could provide him, he will instinctly know WHY he should buy it from you. By the way, why, in this situation, would he change for another supplier ? He won’t.

This is how to inspire people to follow you, as a leader or a trade mark, not based on WHAT you do, but on WHY you do it !

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