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Inbound marketing is indeed a new way to engage your customers. The idea they could look for you some day rather than react to one of the hundreds of messages you have tried to send them in the past year, is of course far more difficult to admit. Wait and see would say my english friends !.. But what if no one ever finds you ?

giving is a chance

It all depends on you passion. How far can you go to express yourself without any kind of rewarding ? What are you ready to give to others before they ever start to give you anything back ?

Inbound marketing is about giving, and as would say Simon Sinek, there are two kinds of people : givers and takers ! Choose on side and be commited to it. So whatever is your passion in life, you should start to share it with others. They could as well be your very best friends our your colleagues, readers of your blog or followers on twitter. The figures are quite clear about the future : people will share more and more, with those that shows the same values, the same passion. They will find their way to the community, as they deeply need a confort zone to feel safe. What if your mission as a marketer was to build one ?…


So companies start blogging about there values and beliefs. The corporate blog can be widely open to cooperation for better content. As your content spreads on through your first followers, you need to engage them. So give them all you can and let them do the rest, for you ! No doubt soon or later your blog will generate new leads, and a very positive world of mouth. It could take time, of course, so be sure to start now !


« We made a promess, we swore we’d always remember : no retreat baby, no surrrender ! » – BS

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