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Innovation : What if you could really share a can of coke ?…

For a year or more I have been talking about different campaigns around the world that Coca Cola launched to help us share our happiness. Yes it is the main goal of the world number one company (on the  food an drink market) : inspire us to share !

As emotions are really meaningfull if only we share them, a coke is a instant of life, an experience we remember. Simple or magic ? But when you ask your consumers to behave like that, when you believe they want to share these moments, why wouldn’t you do that for them ?

What if they could really split their coke can in two smaller cans and offer one to anyone they love or care to share with ? The happiness we live for would be a lot greater  ! Think about this revolution in the way of thinking your new products : what if they were inspired by your customer’s behaviour ?…

Thanks for sharing a coke !

Note : this video has already been seen almost a million times in 3 days… no need to say we are ready to share !

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