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Why english marketing inspires me ?

Today I had the opportunity to read and share a new presentation by John Willshire. Wow ! I can’t explain why is it I feel this way after reading John’s thoughts. As it doesn’t happen for the first time, I can exclude surprise. There is something more about it !

So inspiring ! And once again, I’ll have to rethink many of marketing concepts that I share with students or even clients. One thing is that not only it changes my personal vision but also the direction to follow, the way I look at marketing issues and finally the tools I might use to be unsderstood. Thanks John !

So here is something I agree with and that defines precisely why I do and love my job : « Cooperation is an exchange in which the participants benefit from the encounter » in Together by Richard Sennett.

And as John puts it, the way we imagine or build our conversation with partners, clients or employees is almost always to aim a common understanding and more or less smoothes and averages our ideas. What if we could figure out a way to aggregate ideas ? What if each contributor could really express himself and be a part of it ?


So let’s say communication skills is about how good you are at listening to what others might have to tell you ! What a change it would make in our small world !… Now, you would be able to connect ideas !

Connecting ideas is a much tougher work to do of course. But probably leads us to many more combinations. Is there a new path to creativity ? Could this be an answer to the Big Data issue ?…

Visit John’s website here.

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