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Do you feel lucky ?

M recently wrote to me : I was ‘the lucky guy’ ! Really ?!.. Thank you !

Amusing as I am reading (on a beach) Ken Robinson’s book : The Element. Let him speak and explain why luck is only a question of attitude : ‘Good things and bad things happen to all of us. It’s not what happens to us that makes the difference in our lives. What makes the difference is our attitude toward what happens. The idea of luck is a powerful way of illustrating the importance of our basic attitudes in affecting or not we find our Element.’
The idea here is whatever may happen to us we must consider the opportunity and not the threat, and how this unpredictable event can reinforce our strengths and reduce our weaknesses…
And this of course must be applied to business and marketing !

Being in your Element will drive you to success as knowing why you do what you do will make people believe what you believe !

Is marketing your Element ?

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