Intuitions, l'humain dans le marketing
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Why do we need to share our differences ?

« Lets share what makes us different because everyone can already see what makes us the same », wrote Simon Sinek yesterday.

And that is certainly inspiring to me. Yes I agree that what makes us different is what we seek in each other, as a human been. But more connected to marketing goals, we should realize that the reason why a customer is buying any kind of product or service, is precisely because he thinks it is different !

So why would he share anything but the very different product he has founded ? Why would he even talk about (or write) something we all know to be common ? In the « Purple Cow » Seth Godin explained in 2002 (ten years already !) the your brand, your product need to be remarkable to survive, to exist and to be loved by consumers. He told us that to be successful we had to be remarkable ! How would we do that, by the way ?


« Remarkable has nothing to do with the marketer. Remarkable is in the eye of the consumer, the person who ‘remarks.’ If people talk about what you’re doing, it’s remarkable, by definition, » wrote Seth in is blog 2 days ago.

The reason why a good idea will be shared is the same ! So let’s try and be remarkable and let’s share our differences in order to inspire others.

We just don’t need to meet people we already know. What we expect when we encounter someone is to learn something. And this will not happen if we don’t ask good questions. Questionning is about learning and learning is about what we accept to share with the one who’s asking.

Now, if you need to share what makes your brand different with your customers, it is because they really want to know your brand better and to learn something new. It could be an experience, or it could be anything that improve their life.

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